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Carbon Fiber Series

TYRO - Oceanic Blue

TYRO - Oceanic Blue

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  • Weight


  • Surface Material

    Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber with added grit

  • Interior

    PP Honeycomb with foam-injected edges

  • Thickness


  • Length

    16 ¼ in

  • Grip Length

    5 ½ in

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Playing Characteristics

High Performance: Perfect for players of all levels, especially those who compete and play hard. The NIRO ELITE is part of our Elite Series, offering the best features for a stable, strong, and reliable paddle.

  • Precision Engineered:

    Thermoformed Carbon Fiber: Heated and molded carbon fiber construction removes any imperfections, resulting in increased paddle density and enhanced durability.

  • Premium Construction:

    Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber: Made from one of the strongest and lightest carbon fibers available, providing unmatched strength and lightness.

  • Upgraded Paddle Inner Core:

    PP Honeycomb Core: Reinforced with foam-injected edges for superior strength and stability across the entire paddle.

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  • Optimized Design:

    Elongated Grip (5 ½ inches) and Paddle (16 ¼ inches): Designed for better reach, allowing players to handle tough shots without compromising serve or return quality.

  • Superior Grip

    NIRO Elite Grip Tape: Breathable and non-slip texture ensures a secure hold, perfect for long and intense matches.

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