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Founder of Nirobi


David is the visionary behind NIROBI. He is a passionate human being, to say the least. He is driven by the idea of creating a world that is balanced for himself, his family, his friends and his community.

"NIROBI is a representation of my values. I love pickleball, but I love the community and FUN aspect of the game even more. It is more accessible than other racket sports, yet just as technical. Better yet, it connects random strangers to have a great time together!

If only the values behind pickleball could transcend the courts and influence global politics! One can dream!"

Join NIROBI if you share these values!

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Meet Miguel, a long-time ambassador of NIROBI. For the past 4 years, this 37-year-old father has found a new passion in pickleball. Previously a soccer and volleyball player, Miguel embodies NIROBI's values alongside his long-time sports partner, Kevin. As a physical education teacher, youth literature author, and former provincial soccer coach, "Mig" is a true role model for future generations and an inspiration for those passionate about life... and sports!

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Meet Kevin, a longtime ambassador of NIROBI. A father of two, Kevin works in the restaurant industry in Notre-Dame-du-Portage. Formerly a radio host, Kevin is accustomed to high-pressure environments, which is why he now has a burning passion for pickleball. A passionate athlete, Kev has always played various sports with his childhood friend, Miguel, whether it's volleyball, spikeball, or soccer. Now, the two friends are 100% dedicated to pickleball and NIROBI. His mission? To conquer the court by proudly representing NIROBI's values: fun, self-improvement, and inspiring others to get better.

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