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2 Ultralite Composite Paddle Set

2 Ultralite Composite Paddle Set

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Modern composite construction: Premium glass fibre face and honeycomb core for a lightweight, durable, and visually appealing paddle. Resistant to impact with a longer lifespan.

Increased power: Glass Fibre allows your shots to be harder with less effort because of it’s hard surface.

Balance and control: Offers a versatile balance between power and control, suitable for various playing styles and skill levels. Easy maneuverability and quick reaction for improved agility.

Convenient grip: The paddle features a 4.7" handle length and 1.5" width, providing a comfortable and non-slip grip for improved accuracy and control.

Complete set: Includes two paddles, four balls (2 indoor and 2 outdoor), and a storage/carrying kit. Perfect for beginners or as a supplement to an existing paddle set, ensuring you're ready for some exciting pickleball action.

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